Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain in Jan / Feb 2018

We are very proud of our journey over the last decade looking back to the first Serbian Week in Great Britain held in Leeds and London in 2008. What started with a few events in 2008 has grown from year to year becoming Serbian Month and reaching thirty-eight impressive events held in nine towns this year. Serbian Month was initiated by three organisations (Serbian Council of Great Britain, Serbian City Club and Serbian Society) and over time caught the imagination of over twenty organisations, numerous individuals, and the Serbian government, who joined this celebration of Serbian culture, heritage and the contribution it makes to British society. As result Serbian Month is viewed as the biggest Serbian festival of its kind worldwide. This is a great achievement of the Serbian Diaspora in Britain and serves as proof of our creativity and our ability to work together for the good of the community.

The success of the event means that expectations are raised each year and particularly true for the 10th Anniversary in 2018, which everyone wants to be bigger and better than anything that has gone before. This anniversary provides another opportunity for us to come together to share and showcase our ideas, aspirations and creativity with the British and Serbian community. We invite all organisations and individuals to take part and make this Jubilee special!

We would like the 10th Anniversary of Serbian Month to encompass all Serbian communities around Britain and to celebrate the diversity of our Diaspora. All events and initiatives are welcome. Events should be self-financing because we do not have central funding to finance events, but if you have ideas for events but lack funding please do forward these for consideration.

We would also encourage local businesses to support this event by advertising in the exclusive catalogue that will be published and distributed around Britain in print and electronically. Your donations (big and small) will be used during Serbian Month and will ensure its success. It will also be a great opportunity for you to draw your business to the attention of the Serbian community and gain their support.

To take part at Serbian Month 2018 please contact us by 30th November 2017 with general details regarding the event you would like to present or the business that you would like to advertise.

For all information and advertising / sponsorship please contact:
Serbian Council of Great Britain
email: info@serbiancouncil.org.uk
phone 07984857355

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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