NATO bombing campagne in Yugoslavia (Serbia/Belgrade)

It’s been 23 years since the NATO bombing campagne in Yugoslavia (Serbia/Belgrade). It was an illegal operation which started 24.03.1999. without ANY APPROVAL of The United Nations Security Council. With a goal to „end the ethnic tensions in the Kosovo region“. By using 15 tons of depleted uranium on innocent civils. For 78 days with 250 airstrikes per day. Number of victims is still unknown. 23 Years after the incident. Estimations vary from 1200-4000 people. With 12500 being heavily injured.
Is this a way to end a conflict? „Preventing murder“ by murdering? NATO traumatized a series of generations. Not to mention all the lives they have ended and ruined. Cancer rate in Serbia increased by 27%. And many people have left their homes. Due to the economic instability. Including me. In search for a better future.
This breakage of the international law has been denied by the international court. United States continues to show no mercy in many other countries by using NATO alliance…