Tenth Anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain Invitation – Serbian Fair, Catalogue, Events

Dear Serbian organisations and individuals,

The Tenth Anniversary of Serbian Month in Great Britain in 2018 is fast approaching. This anniversary provides another opportunity for us to come together to share and showcase our ideas, aspirations and creativity with the British and Serbian community.

Serbian Fair on Saturday 3rd March 2018
We invite all organisations and individuals to take part and make this Jubilee exceptional. Therefore, we would like to invite you to take part in the Serbian Fair on Saturday 3rd March 2018(place to be confirmed). This one day event will be the culmination of the celebrations of Serbian Month 2018 and is planned to give all Serbian organisations, or those working with Serbia, an opportunity to present their work to the Serbian community and the wider British public. It will show the talent, diversity and richness of our community and the positive contribution we make to British society. Organisations represented at the fair will be given a stall on which to display relevant material and be offered an opportunity to present their work to the audience. The amount of time available for presentations will depend on the number of organisations participating in the event. In the evening there will be a reception followed by a cultural event. Details will be confirmed after Round Table meeting on 16th Dec 2017. It is important for you to reply to this invitation asap.

Serbian Month Catalogue
As well as publishing the programme of events for Serbian Month we also plan to print a catalogue to include information about Serbian organisations in the UK or those organisations working with Serbia. We would be grateful if you could provide us with a short text, up to 300 words about your organisation for inclusion in the catalogue together with the logo of your organisation and pictures, if appropriate. We would like to have some space dedicated to artists (musicians, actors, writers, visual artists) as well as successful individuals e.g. sportsmen or sportswomen. Please forward suggestions of people to be included and contact details. Information will be published in the catalogue free of charge. It is hoped that the catalogue can be the foundation of a longer-term project cataloguing the activities of the Serbian community in Britain that can be updated on a regular basis and distributed around Britain in print and electronically. All information has to be provided by the end of December.

The catalogue also presents a great opportunity to draw local business to the attention of the Serbian community and to gain their support. There is a charge for advertising in a catalogue: £100 A5 page, £50 for ½ page and £25 for ¼ page. All funds collected will go towards the funding of Serbian Month. Your help in passing this information to possible sponsors would be greatly appreciated.

Events during Serbian Month
Please let us know if you are planning to organise event during Serbian Month asap.

Looking forward hearing from you!

Maya Jordan
Serbian Month Programme Director
Mob: 07984857355
Email: info@serbiancouncil.org.uk

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