Jazz Guitar Emsemble Course by Branco Stoysin in July

JAZZ GUITAR ENSEMBLE (ME 962) course at one-and-only City Lit, led by the tutor Branco Stoysin, runs from 8th till 29th of July 2017, on Saturdays from 10:30 am, 2 hours each session. Suitable for graduates of Jazz Guitar 2 and 3 levels and more advanced players. Play in good rhythm. Melody, harmony, chords and bass line parts, and improvise in a contest of a jazz guitar ensemble. Music parts will be allocated by players abilities and preferences and will vary for each tune. Concession fees available. For info and to enrol 020 7831 7831 or click the link below. City Lit College, 1-10 Keeley St, London WC2B 4BA
CDs are recommended for easier and quicker learning of the original pieces and are available from my website, direct links are below, (or the CDs will be available for purchase on the first session):

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