Around the Globe Piano Music Festival and Magazine

Around the Globe Music & Arts is inviting participants and audience to the 5th Annual Piano Competition, Around the Globe Piano Music Festival taking place on Sunday 2nd Dec 201,8 at The Study Society, Colet House, 151 Talgarth Road, London W14 9DA.

Around the Globe Music Magazine, 1st Volume is now published and available online with its new look. There are many interesting blogs, reviews, articles about composers and their piano works to read including the topic on pianists’ occupational health. Read more about Lola Perrin, Branka Popovic, Vera Milankovic, Aleksandar Vujic, Vladimir Titov, John Kember, Melanie Spanswick, Lindsey Berwin and others.
Magazine is available to download FREE online:

AGPMF is an annual competition open to Junior and Adult pianists of various levels, both amateur and professional. As well as traditional and classical music, the festival offers an exclusive syllabus of piano styles including contemporary and jazz piano within global/regional categories. One of the main focuses of this project is to promote contemporary piano composers from all around the world, but who might be less well known in the UK.

Full syllabus and details are available on our website:

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