Serbian Month 2021 Programme

Wednesday 27th Jan 2021

Launch of Serbian Month Catalogue ‘British Serbs’
St Sava’s Celebration

Exclusive tour of the Temple of St Sava in Belgrade by Father Dragan Sovljanski.

Serbian Council of Great Britain

Enjoy your own personal tour of the Temple of St Sava and learn more about its history, construction, its beautiful frescos and mosaics.

Available to view on the Serbian Month YouTube channel

Serbian Orthodox Church, London
89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ

10am St Sava’s Day Service – Divine Liturgy

7pm St Sava’s Academy – ZOOM event
Archimandrite Ilarion Lupulović (monastery of Draganac, Kosovo and Metohija)

Prof. Miloš Ković (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade)

Fresco painter Jovan Atanasković (Belgrade)

Zoom meeting details:

Meeting ID: 955 5631 3930

Passcode: svetisava

Holocaust Memorial Day

Jasenovac & Holocaust Foundation

11.30am Wreath Laying Ceremony at Yalta Memorial followed by a Minute of Silence; Thurloe Place, London SW7 2SL

12pm – St Sava Church candle lighting and silent prayer for those perished during the WW2

St Sava’s Church, 89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ

Those who wish to attend the wreath laying ceremony should confirm attendance on so we can follow current Government guidance on Covid rules and if you wish to come to the St Sava church to light a candle and pray please check their website and follow the guidance on Covid regulations

Saturday 30th Jan, 5pm

Serbian City Club – Zoom event

Dallas Newby, Dominion voting

Further details are available on

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Thursday 4th Feb, 8pm

Around the Globe Music & Arts – Zoom event

An Interview with Vera Milankovic, acclaimed Serbian composer, pianist and pedagogue

The topic – the album ‘Musical Map of Serbia’,inspired by Serbian folk songs from different regions.

To register for this event please email:

Saturday 6th Feb, 10am

Memorial service (Pomen) for Women in Foreign Medical Missions

The divine liturgy at St Sava, Serbian Orthodox Church in London, will be followed by Zadusnice.

89 Lancaster Road, London W11 1QQ

Those attending should check the church website and follow the guidance on Covid regulations

Saturday 6th Feb, 5pm

Serbian City Club – ZOOM event

Centar Zvezda presentation

Tatjana Dražilović, Centar Zvezda and Chris Mould, Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.

The “Star” Centre for social integration of children and youth is an association of citizens whose goal is to promote fostering, provide help to older children in orphanages, as well as those who are getting ready for an independent life after leaving the social care system.

Further details are available on

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Sunday 7th Feb, 5pm

Meeting to remember women in foreign medical missions in Serbia during the Great War ZOOM event with Zvezdana Popovic and guests: Louisa Miller, Ailsa Clarke, Liz Middleton, Zivorad Nikolic and Maya Barcot.

In the time of the Covid pandemic the seventh annual commemoration will focus on those women who died in Serbia in 1915, nursing Serbian sick and wounded soldiers and civilians, during the horrific typhus pandemic. We will remember those heroines who sacrificed their lives – Dr Elizabeth Ross (First Reserve Military Hospital, Kragujevac), nurses Louisa Jordan, Augusta Minshull and Bessie Sutherland, orderly Margaret Neill Fraser (Scottish Women’s Hospitals) and two members of Mabel Stobart’s Field Hospital in Karagujevac – nurse Lorna Ferris and orderly Mabel Dearmer. Their graves are in Kragujevac and at the Military Cemetery in Nis.

To register for this event please email Zvezdana Popovic on

Friday 12th Feb, 7pm

Serbian Council of Great Britain – ZOOM event

Book promotion: ‘Can you run away from sorrow?’ Mothers Left Behind in 1990s Belgrade by Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic

How does emigration affect those left behind? The fall of Yugoslavia in the 1990s led citizens to look for a better, more stable life elsewhere. For the older generations, however, this wasn’t an option. In this powerful and moving work, Ivana Bajic-Hajdukovic reveals the impact that waves of emigration from Serbia had on family relationships and, in particular, on elderly mothers who remained.

To register for this event please email:

Available from Friday 12th Feb, 8pm onwards

Doubles Digital Concert – Orchestra of the Swan

Craig Ogden, guitarist and Miloš Milivojević, classical accordionist

Duets are explored in this concert through the double concertos of J.S. Bach and Astor Piazzolla.

Further details and to purchase a ticket / link for £10 please visit:

Please note you will only need one link per household.

Saturday 13th Feb, 3.30pm

Serbian Library in London

Conversation with Viktor Lazić

Viktor is one of Serbia’s most well known modern travel writers. He is founder and president of the Association for Culture, Art and International Cooperation (Adligat), CEO of Library Lazic (established 1882), the Book and Travel Museum and the Museum of Serbian Literature within Adligat. He is the inheritor of one of the most accomplished book collections in Serbia.

Register for a Zoom link to connect:

Saturday 13th Feb, 5pm

Serbian City Club – ZOOM event

Azbukum, Nataša Milićević Dobromirov

Discussion on learning Serbian as a foreign language (Diskusija na temu učenje sprskog jezika kao nematernjeg)

Language: Serbian

Further details are available on

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Monday 15th – Sunday 21st Feb

Serbian Council of Great Britain

Serbian Month FIFA Gaming Tournament, open to players from 13 to 25 years.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of FIFA 20 are invited to join an eSport tournament and challenge their skills. Win a trophy and title, become a first ‘Best Serbian Month Gamer’!

The top three players will be recognized and get a trophy or plaques.

Matches will takie place during the half-term week, 15th to 20th February. Final on Saturday 20th or Sunday 21st February.

Tournament host: Oliver Jordan.

Deadline for applications 10th February by 12 noon.

To register your interest please visit: FIFA – Serbian Council of Great Britain

Wednesday 17th February 6.30pm

Azbuki Klub and Round Table

Online Quiz for Young People

Language: Serbian

Open to young people from 12 to 18 years with a working knowledge of Serbian A chance to have fun, meet other young people, use your Serbian, and test your knowledge of all things Serbian.

To register and receive a link please email:

Friday 19th Feb, 4pm

The Raymond Nicolet Trust Winter Warmer

This is a hopeful look towards spring, with an international flavour. The Raymond Nicolet Trust volunteers who raise funds for schools in Serbia impart determination with optimism as they report on past achievements and new aims, interwoven with stirring musical interludes from several musicians who are patrons of the charity – Ljubica Stojanovic, Patrick Hemmerlé, Vasa Stajkic and Marija Jelic.

Moderators: Jadranka Dervišević Kitarić & Tony Taylor

Speakers: Dr.Christine Hilcenko: Introduction to the charity and its mission

Predrag Starcevic, Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj School, Pancevo

Dr. Ana Harvey: “The Legacy of St. Sava: Law, Legal Thought and Education in Serbia”

Living while Giving- Online Yoga classes by Dr Aleksandra Vancevska

Running while Giving: Serbian Fortresses Virtual Challenge by Tomislav Antonic

Natasha Davidov (Davidov London Jewellery)

Florence Bachelard-Bakal: New projects

Prof. Mark Haggard: “An international reflection: the inspiration towards education and some things that get in its way.”

Details and the link, in effect joining instructions, will be found on the Trust website

Saturday 20th Feb, 5pm

Serbian City Club

Žarko Trebješanin, psychologist

Psychological implications of Covid ; Nostalgia and trust in institutions (Psiholoski uticaj Kovid-a; Nostalgija; poverenje u institucije.)

Language: Serbian

Further details are available on

RSVP is required! Contact:

Sunday 21st Feb, from 11am – approx. 2pm

British Serbian Medical Association

Lecture on Covid 19 by Serbian Doctors in UK

Desa Lilić MD MSc PhD FRCPath – Immunology of Covid 19

Nemanja Stojanović MD FRCP – Evidence-base treatments for Covid 19 infection

Žika Petrović MD FCARCSI DEAA – Clinical presentation of patient with Covid 19 and their journey following hospital admission

Dejan Maras MD PhD FESC – Cardiac Disease and Covid 19

Ana Pokrajac MD MSc FRCP – Chronic Disease Service re-structuring during Covid 19

Milena Petrović MD Senior Clinical Fellow Obs & Gynae – Pregnancy and Covid 19

Aleksandra Fox MD DFFP MRCGP – General Practice and Covid 19

Nikola Petrović Psychology BSc Forensic Psy MSc Applied Psy MSc – Mental Health and Covid 19

Marko Kerac MD MPH MFPH PhD – Covid 19 Pandemic 2020: Myths and Truths

To register attendance please email:

Tuesday 23rd Feb, 6.30pm

Serbian Council of Great Britain – ZOOM event

Book promotion: Paid to Predict: Duplicity, Deceit and Dishonesty among ‘Allies’ by Ewen Southby-Tailyour

Paid to Predict is the un-redacted diaries of Ewen Southby-Tailyour, a British monitor with the European Community Monitoring Mission (and the SIS) in the Republic of Serbian Krajina and Croatia from the autumn of 1993 to the Spring of 1994. He resigned from his post in 1994 after being asked by his EU superiors to falsify his daily reports concerning the breaking of UN arms embargo 713 which was then in force. This illegal rearming of Croatia was the prelude to Operation Storm which started on 4th August 1995 and led to the ethnic cleansing of 200,000 Serbs from the Republic of Serbian Krajina where they had lived for over 500 years.

To register for this event please email:

Thursday 25th Feb, 7.30pm

AGM Serbian Council of Great Britain on ZOOM

Members and non- members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting to find out about the work of the Serbian Council over the past year and to learn about future projects.

To register and receive link please email:

More details at: ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2021 – Serbian Council of Great Britain

Friday 26th Feb, 12 noon

Palaeologian Renaissance and All That or How to Steal a History

Lecture: Serbian Heritage in Danger – Dr Dragana Lazarević and guests.

Pandemic or not, the attempts to take over Serbian historical and cultural heritage still dominates political, academic and cultural discourse both within and outside the Balkans. Recent announcements from the political leadership in Priština about their plan to submit a new application for UNESCO membership conveniently coincided with the conclusions of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee members stating that the time has come for Serbia to recognize Kosovo as an independent state. The previous attempt by Priština to enter UNESCO as an independent state in 2015 was unsuccessful; but only just. Ever since, activities aimed at justifying the appropriation of Serbian land and its heritage have been multiple and varied; one of the most dangerous was the production of historical narratives openly revising Serbian history on an industrial scale. At the event, we will discuss the methods used by both Albanian and, even more worryingly, Western intellectuals in an open attempt to plunder Serbian heritage.

To register for this event please email:

Saturday 27th Feb, from 1pm

Serbian Library in London

Eight Annual Mini Book Fair

Vesna Petkovic presents Serbian authors and their works.

Register for a Zoom link:

Sunday 28th Feb

World Record attempt ‘Punjene paprike’ on a ZOOM

You are invited to join this attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records by making a record of number of stuffed peppers on one day. The event will be hosted on a ZOOM platform.

To register your interest in participating:

Sunday 28th Feb, 6pm

Serbian Council of Great Britain

’A Cup of Stories’ live with Serbian artists in UK
Maya Jordan in conversation with Serbian artists will host an evening of music, poetry and fun.

Listeners are invited to join in and the best British Serb outfit will be voted at the end of a programme.

To register for this ZOOM event please email:

Tuesday 2nd March, 7.30pm

Round Table ZOOM Meeting

Organisations and individuals are invited to join RT meeting to discuss issues of interest and importance to the Serbian community and to agree ways forward.

The aim of the Round Table is to encourage cooperation and collaboration between Serbian community groups and organisations from across the UK and Northern Ireland (UK&NI) for the benefit of the Serbian community in UK&NI.

In order to join the meeting please confirm your attendance by email to:

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