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The Serbian Council of Great Britain in cooperation with numerous Serbian organisations marked the 10th anniversary since the start of the Serbian Month. This is a tradition of promoting the activities of associations representing Serbian community. The Council was established in 2004 and closely cooperates with all the associations that represent other communities from the Balkans. With the promotion of number of associations during the fair organized on March 3rd, a great specter of cultural and entertainment programs were also organised. Journalist Vojislav Brajovic prepared a report from this celebration, held in London:

Serbian Fair, Final celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Serbian Month

A graduated journalist, Vojislav Brajovic is the author of VB TV JOURNAL You Tube Channel – shorter name Vojislav Brajovic TV Journal, which works for a few years. The channel’s purpose is to announce and deliver information and reports on the most important events in London related to the former Yugoslavia. It follows all current events, but the focus is primarily on cultural events, humanitarian actions, concerts, exhibitions and theatre performances. The channel aims to point out a significant number of individuals from the Balkans who achieved a great success in the UK within different fields.
Mr. Brajovic was born in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade and has lived in London since 2001. He reported on a number of current events in Britain and made a significant number of interviews. Among those are fashion designer Roksanda Ilincic, members of the royal family Kardjordjevic, painter Milan Marinkovic -Cile, artists Lepa Brena, Frano Lasic, Bijelo Dugme, actors Branislav Lecic, Danica Maksimovic, Zoran Cvijanovic, Natasa Ninkovic and others. Some of the interviews can be seen on links included in this article.
On the VB TV Journal project, with Mr Brajovic is cooperating a cameraman, Djordje Milovanovic, a student of cinematography, who shows his outstanding talent through excellent filming and recording.
As a special project, the channel brings the documentary and educational series “Secrets of London”. The theme of the series is a number of locations in the UK capital, which have their own history and interesting story.

We want to promote successful individuals and organisations from our region representing the interests of the community that originate from the territory of the former Yugoslavia. In this way, we show how people from the region working in the interest of all of us, says Vojislav Brajovic for online magazine, Britic. People in our region should be informed about events that are regularly held in Britain and therefore maintain a connection with our region, concludes Mr. Brajovic.

In order for you to follow the current events, the procedure to subscribe is very simple. You need an email address to register or to log in the YouTube website. In couple of steps, you can follow the channel and inform yourselves about the most important events in the UK related to the Balkans. With your support and suggestions on which the channel’s editor appreciates very much, together we can make this channel a relevant source of information about our community’s activities in the United Kingdom.

Auction Lifeline 2017 London – interview with Roksandom Ilincic and Royal family Karadjordjevic:


Interview with singer Lepa Brena:

Interview with actors Zoran Cvijanovic and Natasa Ninkovic:

First episode of Secrets of London (Tajne Londona):

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